Deaf Fair Housing Video Project


This year DIG worked with the National Fair Housing Alliance on a joint project, funded by HUD, to create videos in America Sign Language (ASL).  We developed, wrote, filmed, and produced twelve videos on various fair housing and fair lending topics.  The videos are in ASL and have captioning.  Each video starts with a small vignette that sets up a fair housing/fair lending scenario and then explains the ramifications of the Fair Housing Act and other national laws that protect persons with disabilities. We created a website to host the videos and to be a resource center.

Please go to the videos — Cloud and Debbie Dietz    production stills from deaf videos

Giddy the Gog

Giddy the Dog



One thought on “Deaf Fair Housing Video Project

  1. Christy Hudgel

    I am doing a research project on deaf rights with housing! I found this blog to be very helpful. I was inquiring though if I could personally ask for some testimonies of deaf individuals experience in obtaining housing! I would love to speak with you all if you would let me! Thank you thank you for your time! Have a great day!:)

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