By: Sharon Langer

Attorneys agree that accessibility is not only the law but a good practice. On November 7, 2014, 35 attorneys from Miami Dade’s local Bar Associations gathered to learn about how to choose venues for their functions that are accessible and welcoming to all. Why is this newsworthy you might ask? It is newsworthy because unfortunately, events have been held in the past that were in hotels, restaurants or clubs that were not accessible, and precluded a lawyer using a wheelchair from participating fully. Our Florida Supreme Court, that generally weighs in on only the most important legal issues affecting our state… wrote a letter in February to every Bar Association in the state mandating them to take affirmative action to prevent similar discrimination in the future and to develop and implement plans and protocols for all future bar related activities that comply with the ADA and access requirements.

       DIG was proud to be a co-chair of this summit with the Florida Association for Women Lawyers and the Dade County Bar Association. DIG has created a handy easy to use CHECKLIST that can assist any organization if previewing its venue before they sign a contract. We offer it to any of you that might want to use it for your organizations. It is just as easy to choose an accessible venue as one that is NOT.

      The important take away from this day was that the conversation has begun about inclusion and diversity and its value and DIG is committed to continue the discussion throughout the state. If you want further information email me.. Sharon

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