Cruising with your Service dog


US Navy dog with a sailors hat onDogs have long been the companion of our U.S. Navy Sailors on vessels for their ability to build morale. In the early days, dogs often served a more practical function by leading patrols onto foreign shores to search for food and warn of any dangers lurking out of eyesight. Now, most cruise ships allow service animals on board their ships. While service animals are permitted, emotional support animals or pets are not.

At the time of reservation, you should advise the disability Sailor feeding a dog on board of a navy shipservices office of any disability related needs or accommodations, such as a service animal. Most ships designated relief areas with cypress mulch, paper pellets or sod to accommodate service dogs. The ships are not required to provide food or care for the dog, so you may need to bring your own dog food on board. Many of the ports you may visit will only accept annual rabies vaccinations; however, it is a good idea to research the requirements needed at each port. If the service animal does not have the required vaccinations or documentation the service animal not be able to disembark.


Luisa’s Art Exhibition

At the Colombian Consulate,

280 Aragon Avenue – Coral Gables, Florida 33134

on Friday October 3rd, 2014

at 6:00pm-9:00pm.

To see more of Luisa’s work click here.

Art and More – By Chris Stein

Chris Stein and Morgan

Chris Stein


by Chris Stein

Unequivocally Wishy‐Washy
Maybe? May Be?
Do you see me?

Yes? No? Maybe? Yes no maybe.
Maybe maybe?
Do you see me As affliction?
Probably Maybe? May Be Probable? Improbably Maybe? Maybe Probably?
Do you see me With affection?
Probably Don’t know. Probably Not sure.
Probably Too scared. Probably Can’t say.
Do you see me In reflection?
Maybe yes? Maybe no? Maybe; so?
Please don’t go.

Ain’t got all day Probably Can’t stay
Maybe I Can.

I see you In evanescence.

Fluctuating Definitely. Make a decision…
I see you evanvescently